Daniel Šintaj

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* Systems administrator & DevOps professional.

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Server Administration

+ 5yrs experience: systems administration, web hosting services, high availability, virtualization, databases, linux troubleshooting, developer support.

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Virtual Servers 7.0

Completely new approach to server hosting. Forget about obscure configurations, it's all about your environment. Focused on every developer whose interest is in his application logic, rather than in systems administration.

VPS 7.0.

High Availability

Server monitoring 24/7, backups and assistance in case of emergency problems. Analysis of you infrastructure, detecting problems, designing reliable changes.

Support plans.

office experience

Systems administrator at Creative Web s.r.o.

Supporting Java and PHP developers working on popular gastronomy portals in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Startup community, automating deployment procedures from development to production, designing and scheduling Jenkins jobs, developing Ansible playbooks and experimenting with Linux containers (Docker.)


Systems administrator at DIGMIA s.r.o.

Engineering large server farms (100+ servers) and clusters based mainly on RedHat Enterprise Linux, Scientific Linux and CentOS for the biggest media portals in Slovakia.

Strong focus on high availability, database replications and load balancing.


Systems administrator at Web4U s.r.o.

Administration of web hosting, mail hosting and database services for customers of *.cz TLD in Prague, Czech Republic.

Migrated single webhosting platform with thousands of domains to multiple redundant server solutions in order to increase service reliability for all customers.


Systems administrator at WebSupport s.r.o.

Taking care of the extensive server infrastructure for the number one *.sk TLD web hosting provider in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Classic stacks of Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL in heterogenous shared-hosting environments.


support plans


€ 150 / month

SysAdmin: 1 server

Email tickets: 1 / week
Phone calls: 1 / week

Time to reply:
up to 5 days

Time to resolving:
up to 7 days

Backups: no
Monitoring: yes

Alert notifications:
you, rethinkops (email)


€ 550 / month

SysAdmin: up to 5 servers

Email tickets: 5 / week
Phone calls: 3 / week

Time to reply:
next business day

Time to resolving:
next business day

Backups: yes
Monitoring: yes

Alert notifications:
you, rethinkops (email)


€ 1550 / month

SysAdmin: unlimited

Email tickets: 50 / week
Phone calls: unlimited

Time to reply:
up to 60 minutes, 24x7

Time to resolving:
up to 24 hours, 24x7

Backups: yes
Monitoring: yes

Alert notifications:
you, rethinkops (email, sms)


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Email : daniel@rethinkops.com
Web : www.rethinkops.com
Working hours : 24/7 flexible upon agreement.